Pakej Perkahwinan Ala Hutan Tropika Forest Valley Hall Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Mencari cinta dalam hidup anda bukanlah tugas yang mudah dan ia harus disambut dengan ketawa dan kegembiraan! Hari pernikahan anda adalah sekali dalam kehidupan masa depan dan merancang itu boleh menjadi agak luar biasa dan tertekan,membimbangkan jika anda terlupa tentang sesuatu perkara,Pakej Perkahwinan Ala Hutan Tropika Forest Valley Hall Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Jika anda telah meluangkan masa yang mencukupi untuk majlis anda, atau mungkin anda tidak tahu di mana untuk memulakan aturcara majlis perkahwinan anda,Pakej Perkahwinan Ala Hutan Tropika Forest Valley Hall Bandar Mahkota Cheras, menyediakan pakej nikah dari 100pax hingga 300pax serta pakej nikah sanding dari 500pax hingga 2000pax.

“let us help you focus your wedding vision and bring it to fruition with ease.”We are here to help from inception to execution and everything in-between.

Wedding moment: Personalized wedding vows. It reveals the couple’s individuality and gives a glimpse of what their future marriage would be like. Offers an elegant and bespoke ambience ideal for an intimate wedding and the variety of flexible spaces and set-ups available ensures that you have the perfect venue for your dream day. Our diverse team of chefs are adept at crafting exquisite culinary feasts ideal for grand and unforgettable occasions. Our wedding specialists and capable team of Ladies and Gentlemen provide the impeccable hospitality and attention to detail synonymous with us.

    • One-night stay in a deluxe room accommodation
    • Menu Wedding specially created by our Chef
    • One Food Tasting of the selected menu for a table of 5 (Five) persons upon confirmation of the event
    • Beautifully decorated ceremonial wedding cake for cake cutting ceremony.
    • Free flow of soft drinks throughout the event for all guests and special floral arrangement
    • Special upgraded centerpiece arrangement for the bridal table and standard arrangements on guest tables
    • Exclusive wedding “Pelamin” | backdrop to grace the occasion
    • E-Wedding Card | Digital Wedding Cards Invitations (TnC)

Spend your day creating memories and leave all the details to us. Our wedding team specializes in crafting enchanting packages that ensure you’ll have the most captivating experience imaginable.

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